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Locally inspired Street Food
Moonshine is a premium product through and through, hand crafted, alcohol-infused ice cream and created in Johannesburg in 2018. The brain child of Laszlo Bene and Willem Steenkamp. The product, from the ice cream itself to the packaging, including the decals on the jars and lids, everything about Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream is high quality. It's also totally natural and contains no stabilisers, thickeners or artificial colourings. They use only natural flavourings in the ice cream and contains alcohol, which is the biggest appeal to this product. The main reason why there are so few boozy ice cream products on the market is because it's superbly difficult to make. Through extensive research and development, they've devised their own process and managed to create an amazing product line with a great balance of flavour. There are many elements that make this product unique, but what stands out most is their triple flavour profile, compromising of two flavours and the alcohols, for example the Chilli chocolate Vodka, or Tequila Orange Cinnamon. Their flavours are not only original but expertly balanced and seductively delicious.

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5 Delicious Flavours

Vodka-infused Vanilla: Rich and a little spicy

Tequila Orange Cinnamon: Fresh, citrusy and spicy

Tipsy Irish Coffee: All cream, whisky and espresso

Salted Mealie Brandy: Delicate balance of flaky salt and sweet corn.


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